Saturday, 10 March 2018

Comic Frontier X

Comic Frontier X or well known as Comifuro X or CFX was held on 2018, March 3-4 at Balai Kartini Jakarta. I was there as an exhibitor, together with my lecturer and a friend. My circle booth was at H13B! It was my first experience participating in a circle, selling my own merchandises. I decided to join because my lecturer asked me to, and I thought it's okay to try something new, at least I'll get new experience out of it. CFX wasn't as crowded as the previous event, CF9. I went to CF9 last year, and it was suuuuper crowded and hot, it was like the AC isn't working at all. Luckily, CFX wasn't as hot as CF9, it was nice and cool. 

Click the picture for bigger size.
Picture above is some of merchandises I sell at CFX. If you're interested, you can contact me to buy it! Indonesians only. 

Fact is, I think I burn more money instead of make money in the event lol. There were a lot of great artist there. Even some artist I follow on instagram was there, too! I can't help but to say hello and buy their merchandises... but, oh well~ it's better to regret what you have bought instead of regretting why didn't you buy it. CFX was a good experience to me, also helps me to learn what kind of stuff would attract more attention from visitors. Who knows, I'll attend next event of Comic Frontier, probably as an exhibitor or just a visitor. 

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