Thank you so much for your interest in having sponsorship with a cup of rain

Sponsorship Products
I accept any free sponsorship products, such as clothes, shoes, accessories, perfumes, gadgets, etc. I'll wear and review your products in my blog, put your website links and add some basic information about your website/store in my post.

Sponsorship/Giveaway Posts
I will post about your website/store based on your details and put links to your website. Of course, opinions will be 100% mine. Also, you may hold giveaways on my blog or offer me a collaboration post. Charges apply.

Advertisement Banners 
You can ask me to put your advertisement/logo in my blog and link it directly to your website. You may choose the size of your ads but I'll decide where to put it on my blog. Charges apply.

If you have other kinds of sponsorship, you may discuss it with me.
For further informations, please do contact me.

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