Friday, 12 July 2019

Jupitoo: Best Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses Online

As a person who wears glasses daily, I find choosing and purchasing the perfect pair of eyewear is kind of tricky. Lucky you, I'm here today to introduce you to Jupitoo, an online store that offers a huge number of different styles and shapes of eyeglasses and sunglasses. Not only high-quality products, Jupitoo also provide fast shipping, professional customer service, and a three-month free warranty. As for the customer service team, it consists of fifty professional opticians who are available for chat support 24 hours every day, through 365 days a year. 

Jupitoo has 10 years of expertise in the optical industry. They offer a wide range of eyewear needs, such as prescription glasses or sunglasses with a very reasonable price. Jupitoo turned down the idea about how prescription eyeglasses is an overpriced necessity and help people to think of eyewear as an affordable must-have accessory. Jupitoo care a lot about their consumer needs, by providing Home Try-On program, Buy One Get One promotion price, and even helpful articles about eyewear. 

Since it's the holiday season, isn't it the right time to get your pair of sunglasses for your summer holiday? Jupitoo has various kinds of sunglasses which you can look for on the webshop based on frame material, shape, size, and type. You can choose whether your frame is made out of acetate or metal. Their sunglasses collection vary in different shapes, such as aviator, browline, cat-eye, polygon, rectangle, round, or even square. Frame sizes available in medium (135mm to 140mm) and wide (>140mm) while frame type are full-rim, rimless, or semi-rimless. Plus, you can also pick your sunglasses based on your face shape; oval, heart, round, square, oblong, triangle, or even diamond face. To be honest, Jupitoo has all the products to answer your preferred style for eyewears! Jupitoo has the best sunglasses for both men and women. Just check their website right away!

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

About Yoins

Lately, there's so much to do for me as a design student. There are a lot of assignments and group projects, which took a lot of my personal time. On the other hand, I really need to refresh my mind from the hectic college life. I want to go out with my friends and go shopping for good clothes... I thought I can do it on weekends, but boom. No way. I also need to do my assignments on weekends! How miserable is that? Anyone with me? :(

But then, you know what? I realized that I can't go out with my friends, but I still can do the shopping! The answer goes to online shopping! You just can do the click click, payment, and a few days later, you'll get your new stuff at home. So, I wanna recommend you one of my favorite online store: Yoins. I usually browse for some cute tops there. Yoins have a lot of fashion choices, and you can browse for what you're looking for by choosing the categories, like: tops (blouses, sweatshirts, t-shirts), bottoms (skirts, shorts, leggings), etc. 

One of my problem being a college student is attending classes wearing the same tops over and over again. Sometimes it doesn't bother me, but sometimes it annoys me as well. And yea, online shopping to the rescue! It helps me get new stuff without having to go out and spend time walking around the mall. So, I browsed for fashion ladies blouses online at Yoins, and get amazed!! There are a lot of cute blouses, with various kinds and color. It's impossible to not find what you want at Yoins. They offer you everything you'll like.

Yoins also provide latest hot sexy party dresses, and their collections are so pretty! To be honest, I don't have much dresses, because I rarely go to parties. But once it comes to a party, I got nothing to wear! I usually end up wearing my old dress or borrow a dress from my friend. Uncool. Yoins' dresses are stylish and elegant, but you can also find cute dresses or even sexy dresses to impress your guy friends!

Now, tell me, have you checked Yoins? Tell me what's your favorite!

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Comic Frontier X

Comic Frontier X or well known as Comifuro X or CFX was held on 2018, March 3-4 at Balai Kartini Jakarta. I was there as an exhibitor, together with my lecturer and a friend. My circle booth was at H13B! It was my first experience participating in a circle, selling my own merchandises. I decided to join because my lecturer asked me to, and I thought it's okay to try something new, at least I'll get new experience out of it. CFX wasn't as crowded as the previous event, CF9. I went to CF9 last year, and it was suuuuper crowded and hot, it was like the AC isn't working at all. Luckily, CFX wasn't as hot as CF9, it was nice and cool. 

Click the picture for bigger size.
Picture above is some of merchandises I sell at CFX. If you're interested, you can contact me to buy it! Indonesians only. 

Fact is, I think I burn more money instead of make money in the event lol. There were a lot of great artist there. Even some artist I follow on instagram was there, too! I can't help but to say hello and buy their merchandises... but, oh well~ it's better to regret what you have bought instead of regretting why didn't you buy it. CFX was a good experience to me, also helps me to learn what kind of stuff would attract more attention from visitors. Who knows, I'll attend next event of Comic Frontier, probably as an exhibitor or just a visitor. 

Thank you for reading! See you next post xx