Saturday, 9 May 2015


Yesterday was my last day of my practical work period. Since two months ago, I worked at a map designing company. In my school, practical work is one of graduation requirements. I started on March 2, and May 8 was my last day of work. The withdrawal day is May 11, which me and my friends will come to office like usually, but our tutor from school will come after us to 'take' us back to school formally. So yesterday, as a farewell party, we went to J.CO near our office.

In my office, there are ten students having practical work. Five from my school, and five from another school. We get along nicely although sometimes we brawl randomly. In this farewell party, there are three from my school, five from another school, and the two are our office tutor. The other two from my school really need to go to another place, so yeah, it's a party for ten of us. Actually, there's one more person we really want to invite in this farewell party, which is the only office girl. We usually call her Mbak Susi. She's very funny and she got a very hilarious laugh. Too bad she has to go home immediately yesterday. 


Beyond my expectation, my practical work was very exciting. I learned a lot of things about designing using new applications. The atmosphere of the office isn't rigid, so I enjoy working in this place so much (I really can't stand silence sometimes). I feel happy to finally finish my practical work, but I also have a feeling that I'll miss the atmosphere. I might miss the moments where we eat cup noodles as breakfast, sharing snacks (well it's actually me who always ask for their snack), joking around, talking about our jobs, taking selfies together, sharing our stories, insulting each other (lol, do not copy our attitude), etc. My favorite moments is when everytime we got so excited for discounts in a mini market right beside our office building!

Thanks for our new memories from the last two months! 
By the way, if you're asking why there are only nine persons in the picture... The tenth person is taking the picture, lol.

photos are taken using Canon EOS 600D


  1. Hello there! :)
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  2. Congrats on completing your practical work! Thanks for sharing these lovely pics. T.

  3. Congrats on completing your work, and best of luck for the future!! Looks like you had a great time :)


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  4. Congratulations for your practical work! And what a nice gathering <3

  5. Those donuts got me drauling :o

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    1. Yeah, I did too! Thank you for stopping by!

  6. so are you a graphic design student? congrats for completing your practical work! mine will be held on september so i quiet nervous>.<


    1. Well, I'm a multimedia student in my vocational high school!
      Thank you, and wish you luck with your practical work!!❤❤

  7. Aw the food looks so yummy!


  8. looks like you having a good time with them

  9. Those donuts look so tasty !

  10. Fashionable! :3

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