Friday, 29 January 2016

[Hair Care] Review: Makarizo Hair Energy Shampoo Kiwi Extract

Hi guys! Today I'll review a product I've been using recently. Yup, as you can find out on the title of this post, it's Makarizo Hair Energy Shampoo Kiwi Extract. Makarizo's hair energy shampoo actually provides 4 variants; kiwi, lemon melon, olive oil, and royal jelly. Kiwi to make your hair more healthy and shiny (especially for dyed hair); lemon melon to make your hair looks straight and soft; olive oil to increase your hair volume and strengthen it; royal jelly to moisturize your hair (best for damaged hair and hair loss). 

So, a friend of mine recently sells Makarizo hair products at school by offering it to every classes, including my class (his mom owns a beauty shop). He got shampoos, conditioners, creambaths, etc. in many variants with a very affordable prices. To be honest, I wasn't interested at all, but since he gives a very cheap price, I can't resist to buy it and give it a try. And if you're wondering why I choose kiwi... Well, I just chose it randomly. xD (probably will try other variants soon!~)

Why hair energy shampoo?
Because the base ingredient of hair energy shampoo contains Jaguar, 
which is a conditioning material that functions to 
paste shampoo extract and conditioner to your hair nicely; 
and each of hair energy variants is rich of benefits which you can't find in any other products.

How to use it?
Rinse your hair with water, then apply the hair energy shampoo to your hair.
Massage gently, then rinse with water. Repeat if necessary.
(just like how you use ordinary shampoo!)

To be honest, my first ever expectation to this hair energy shampoo is to have my hair smells nice all day long with kiwi scent. But, BOOM, it didn't happen. The shampoo does smell nice when I'm applying it to my hair (and it smells very nice), but then it looks like the smell got left in the bathroom lol, because nothing smells like kiwi on my hair after I'm done washing my hair no matter how hard I try to find the smell. It just smells like my hair, that's all xD. Also, as I use this shampoo, some of my friends told me that my hair looks more shiny than it usually does. I'm actually a kind of person that hardly find little changes with myself, but I do feel it that my hair became more fluffy as well. 

Plus, my main hair problems are hair loss and dandruff. I'm actually using an anti-dandruff shampoo to prevent my dandruff showing everywhere on my hair (once I stop using it, my dandruff shows more than it usually does, and I hate it so much). I worried that my dandruff might peep out again when I start to use this hair energy shampoo, but it didn't!! And this pleases me so much~


(+) Makes my hair looks more shiny and fluffy
(+) Keeps my dandruff unseen 
(+) Very affordable price

(-) Doesn't make my hair smell like kiwi, and that's a little disappointing :(

I bought 12 sachets for IDR 5,000. 
Based on the official website, the retail price is IDR 400 per sachet (netto 5 ml/sachet). 

Yes :) 

Of course, especially if you got same kind of hair problems like me. 
But it's better if you choose other variants based on your hair needs ;)

Well guys, that's all for today! I hope you enjoy this review and I'll see you next post xx 

*This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are 100% mine*


  1. Too bad the smell doesn't linger, but the fact that your hair looks good is more important. Nice review!


  2. Great review~! I'm going to check this out now <33

  3. Awesome!
    Love your review!

  4. i just found out that makarizo has this kind of product. i love the hair mask line. it makes my hair looks nice all day long. don't you mind to follow me back? thanks!^^

  5. nice post, kisses!
    I follow you :)

  6. Too bad that the scent didn't stay on your hair! The name of the shampoo is very intriguing though. At first, I thought it maybe had some caffeine in it to make you more awake when using it haha

  7. Glad the product worked. Too bad you didn't get the kiwi scent. Wonderufl review!


  8. thanks for sharing! loving the product btw <3

  9. i use this product too cause it's worked


  10. I recently got a successful Non Surgical Hair Transplant in Chandigarh and my self confidence is higher than it has ever been! It's such a relief to finally find something that works.


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