Friday, 27 January 2017

Sleep Goals

Getting into a new year, most of us get busier and restless. We have to seek a way out of it and make sure ourselves to get enough rest, at least to have a good night sleep every night. And of course, we have to find ways to stay happy and avoid stress. So, here's a few tips for you!

Do Something Positive
Do things that sets your day up for greatness! Read good books, do some stretch, drink coffee, write a journal, etc. You can also do this with your friends to boost up the mood! Positive things done with favorite people can be a very good remedy for our tired body and mind. 

Be Productive
Boost your productivity through doing great things. Do some workout, take small jobs, etc. Most of all, I think the best one to do is let your passion do it. Develop your hobbies! Turn it to something awesome that you've never imagine before.

Drink Water & Eat Breakfast
Food has always been the sweetest escape. Give your energy level a boost by rehydrating and refueling. Sometimes, healthy foods and drinks are everything you need to make each of your days. It's okay to set your 'cheat day' but make sure you set limits!

Nighttime Prep
Don't let your mind be full of so many things in the morning. So, prep things for tomorrow before you go to bed. Set your outfit of the day, pack your lunch, and organize what you need for the day (make sure you have everything you need in the bag!). No more chaos in the morning!

Set a Bedtime
I know, sometimes we're just not in the mood of sleeping although we have to. But we have to know ourselves and make commitment to sleep at the time that will allow us to get enough sleep before the alarm rings! Start setting an alarm just for a precaution instead of wake you up. That would be amazing!

Make a Gradual Change
To change your bedtime and alarm habits, you can start setting your alarm back 10-15 minutes more each day until you reach your goal. I know it might be so hard to do at first, but we'll never know what kind of change we can make, right?

Adjust Your Alarm
I hate the beeps that repeats all the time to wake me up. Yeah, we all do. So, how about pick your favorite upbeat song to be your alarm sound? It might spark your morning spirit to get up and start a dance. And if it doesn't work because you keep hitting snooze button? Just set the most annoying noise as you alarm sound, highest volume, and put it across the room. 

Upgrade Your Bed
With good sleep environment, comes a good sleep quality. You know, you won't regret investing your money in a new mattress, upgrade your pillow, and buy new sheets and blankets, because it will be totally worth it. Plus, you can always find your best sleeping company at Leesa ;)

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