Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Bad Day (Irony #3)

Do you know the feeling of being invisible? 
You were there, but people act like you weren't

You were there standing right in front of them, but they didn't look. They avoided you, they didn't want to even look at your face. You tried to look at them; they seemed like noticed, but they didn't want to have an eye-contact with you, so they looked away. You wanted to try to talk to them, but you can't think a word... You wanted to ask, "Why?" but you just can't. You felt like digging your own hole by asking such thing, so you discouraged

The next time you see them, they were having chit-chats with people who are your friends, too. You joined. You talked to the person who has closest relationship with you at the moment, you laughed. But they seemed like not liking you. They went away. They laughed together just for themselves. They avoided you. You knew you used to be with them. You knew it so well, how you made good memories with them. You cried inside. You suffered so much to not cry for real. You tried so good. You succeed.

Then comes your last encounter with them for the day. They still avoided you. They walked here and there randomly, trying so hard so you can't find them. But you found them. And once again, you wanted to try to talk to them, but you can't think a word... You were so negative. You were so doubtless that if you talk to them, they would ignore. Deep inside, you knew that they are actually not that bad. But well, you discouraged

You want to know so bad the actual reason behind all of this. Your chest hurts so bad. Your eyes feel so hot, you want to cry... You want to cry your heart out so much. All you ever wanted to know is the answer of your short, pitiful question: "Why?" but nobody answered. The only thing you want besides your answer is to sleep. A long sleep, and forgetting all your pain when you get up. 

If you've read this until the end, I appreciate it. Thank you so much. :)


  1. Great post! I would give you the biggest hug in the world right now!

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  3. It is a bad feeling, big kiss to you dear!


  4. Cool look! Have a nice day :)

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  5. Very well written, Christy, I suppose we all have been there, done that. Kids are mean, kids are kids. The worst thing is, some kids will never grow up.
    hugs honey

  6. Nice post! I almost cried because it actually happens... I wish it didn't happen but it does.

  7. Naww big hugs! Keep being you and doing your thang, the right people will stay and the wrong people will leave! xoxo

  8. Been there girl! Focusing on the great people helps diminish the not so great.

  9. Lovely post dear! X
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  10. Let it all out!
    Just cry
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  12. Hi dear! I send you so much strenght and a big hug, dont be discouraged! always fight and forget what others do or say, you can with all!!! I hope the next post you tell that had a great day:) After a bad day always come great day!
    A lot of kisses

  13. I also felt this way few times and I know that it hurts. But you know what - you have to be brave and sometimes you have to find new friends, who will never avoid you.


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  14. Interesting post! Love this a lot.

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  15. it is sad story
    I encountered such situation last time in school last time
    but I have to say this type of action is not preferred by God
    if they keep ignore you, you just have to tell yourself
    it is not your problem but their
    It's time for you to be friend with some new friends out there

  16. It hurts a lot, know how you feel. Hope you're okay and doing fine, love.


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  19. Hi dear:)
    I know exactly how you're feeling right now!!! I'm so sorry you had tho to experience things like that.
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    Have a wonderful day,


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