Monday, 7 December 2015

Blogmas Day 7: 5 Ways To Celebrate Christmas with Family 👪

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Your Christmas would be incomplete without at least spending some hours with your family, right? Christmas is the perfect moment to do big family gathering and celebrate together. There are so much ways to celebrate, and here's some of my tips:

  1. Buy and decorate a Christmas tree. It would be fun to decorate a Christmas tree with your family, isn't it? Let the children put the lower part of the tree first and the upper goes to the teens/adults. Finally, let one of the children put the top star decoration on an adults' shoulder. 
  2. Special family dinner. Invite all your relatives, as many as you can. Don't let only the moms to cook the dinner, make sure all the dads and the teens help! Because it's not about the food but the togetherness :)
  3. Watch Christmas movies together. Gather your family in one big family room. Prepare the snack and the drinks, turn off the lamps, then play the movie! Be close to each other and you may bring blankets too to make the moment warmer~
  4. Do something fun outdoor! Wear winter clothes and go outside. Build snowman, do snowball fights, or even make Christmas angels on the ground. Any games are okay but make sure it's safe enough for the children! 
  5. Tell Christmas stories to the children. You may also tell them that Santa is real and he's going to send them a present if they're not in the naughty list to keep them behaved (if you do this, make sure you prepared a real present for them on behalf of Santa so they won't get disappointed) xD 
How are you gonna celebrate your Christmas with family? Let me know! :) xx   


  1. Awww so cute! I'm not going to pass Christmas with my family :( but i think it is gonna be fun anyway :)

  2. Great ideas~! I'm not sure what my plans are this holiday <33

  3. nice tips, hope you have a great christmas time with your family :)


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