Sunday, 6 December 2015

Blogmas Day 6: Christmas Gift Ideas For Him 🎁

Hi guys, I'm so sorry I skipped day 3 to day 5!! I was so busy with school assignments :(( so as a continuation of day 2's post, I'll share some tips about choosing Christmas gift ideas for him! Different with girls, (in my opinion) choosing boys' gifts aren't simple. It's actually based on what he likes and interest, and also his personality. But here's some clues! 
  1. Accessories. Like watch, necklace, or bracelets. Most of the boys in my school enjoys wearing accessories like watch and bracelets. Some of them wear earrings too! If your boy is this kind of boy, don't hesitate to buy them some pairs :)
  2. Wallet. Well, you can say this is a mainstream one lol, but really, as everybody know that boys are mostly careless about everything. They might put their money or cards in random places. Make sure your boy got a wallet to keep him organized. 
  3. Gaming accessories. I know that us, girls, hate it so much when our boy is putting games first than us sometimes. But well, we still love them anyway lol. So let this Christmas season to be a chance to tell him that we respect their hobby (to make him happy) by purchasing them new headphone or gaming keyboard (it's okay to put some additional message on the greeting card about controlling their game time!). 
  4. A tumbler or simple travel drink bottle. Simple yet functional. I think boys need this to avoid them being dehydrated and making them have no need to buy mineral water again and again. They just need to refill~ (well actually I got this idea because my boyfriend is easily get thirsty. Idk if other boys are the same).
  5. Handmade scarf. This is the most lovely one!! I believe that how ugly your handmade stuffs are, they will love it. Moreover if you make it in their favorite color or put their name on it! Boys love it when you put some efforts in your gifts ;)
Got inspired? I hope so! Better prepare your gifts from now on so you don't need to rush the shopping center when the D-day is almost there~ see you next day xx

P.S: I might miss the other days since next week is my exam week ;( 


  1. Omg hahahaha wallets and watches and any childhood loves like lego and starwars. Lol. ;)

    Everything magical

  2. Great ideas:)

  3. Thanks!! Great ideas!

  4. Those are some great ideas! It's always hard to find gifts for guys...


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