Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Blogmas Day 9: PILKADA Serentak (Concurrent Election)

Hi guys! On this 9th day of December, I'm running out of ideas about Christmas themed post... I want to make posts about Christmas recipes or DIYs, but I got no time to do those things... Did I tell you that this week is my exam week? I also want to make a post containing my Christmas wishlist, but I'm still collecting items that would be included in my wishlist, so wait for it! ;) 

By the way, today's Indonesian national holiday in order of execution of PILKADA (local elections) that held simultaneously in some cities. Sooooo lucky that I finally get one day off except Sundays~ I did fill the whole day with my laziness, but you need to know that today I tidied my room after decades leaving it disorganized :) you guys must be proud of me! As I finished tidy my room, I realized that my room got a lot wider after I put things in the right places and throw some trashes out of my room. I even found a lot of missing things... The ruler I looked for a few days ago, I found it today under a pile of papers. Idk, maybe I just need a few days to get it disorganized again xD

I'm afraid the remaining 16 posts until 25th of December will be my trivial blabbers lol. Even the 'blogmas post ideas' posts I found on other people's blogs doesn't help me much. Soooo pardon me if you have to see (yes, probably you might not wanting to read it, but I appreciate it so much if you read) my blabbers on the following days~ see you next day xx


  1. Aww good luck with your exams! Focous on that!

  2. Great luck!

  3. I'm a little late, but I hope you did wonderful on your exams! And if you don't happen to post again soon, I hope you have Merry Christmas!

  4. Oh my best wishes for you darling


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