Monday, 11 January 2016

Summer 🌴

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Hi guys! It's my first post on 2016 and I'm saying Happy New Year 2016 to all of you, may 2016 be another year full of happiness and success~ 
So, yesterday I went to Ancol Beach with my classmates and homeroom teacher to take photos for our yearbook. We arrived there at about 8 am and it was soooo hot that day!! But the wind blew, so we didn't get too sweaty. You know, we can't take good photos if our body is all sweaty! And to be honest, it was a very exciting day to spend hours with your school friends outside the school and see them in casual/hangout outfits. 

For today's post, I would like to show you the outfit I wore for the yearbook photoshoot. I actually wanted to buy a jumpsuit for the photoshoot, but I'm so bad at deciding which one to buy so I ended didn't buy anything... So I looked all over my cupboard and tried mix-matching the clothes that I seldomly wear. Here it is~ ((pardon my narrowed eyes, blame the sun lol))

I also went to the Ancol Mall which is very dead (lights off almost everywhere, there are only some restaurants and one clothing store) but actually has a trick art museum and wax sculpture museum in it!! I was so excited to get in but too bad we need to pay to enter and I didn't bring enough money... It costs IDR 150,000 if you want to enter both museums. I think the price is pretty reasonable since it's so rare to have this kind of museums in Indonesia. I promise I'll go there again to enter the museum with my family or probably with my boyfie. xD

bowler hat - bought at Ancol // top - New Forest // leggings - gift from Hongkong // bag - Mayoutfit // shoes - local store
I love how my photos turned pretty good that day! What do you think about it? Let me know! Oh, did anyone notice my thin makeup? Yup, I finally let myself wear makeup again yesterday to hide my blemishes lol (check out my instagram to find out more about the detail of my face that day). But trust me, I didn't do anything with my eyebrow!! Many people thought that I drew my eyebrow because it's so thick. It's real, I swear! xD

By the way, I'm getting my try outs (national examination exercises) and pre-practical-exams really soon that my teachers are talking about it everytime they enter the class. I'll do my best tho... Please wish me luck~ I really want to get a high score for my national examination in the following April 2016.

Andddd sorry I haven't visit your blogs back for those who left comments on my last post. I just moved in a new house and we haven't manage to install a wifi connection. The only thing makes me can "survive" is hotspot from a cellphone and everyone in the house should use it wisely... But I promise, as soon as I got my actual wifi back, I'll visit each of you! Thanks for reading my blog!! I love youuuu so much and I feel so thankful that there are still some people paying attention my blog :)

That's a wrap for today, see you guys next post!! xx 

Photographed by Jonathan Atmaja (Canon EOS 1200D)


  1. i like your top and you look so cute on that pictures :)

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  3. You look cute! And I adore your flower bag. :D
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  7. you are so cute!

  8. cute xx loving your bag xx

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