Saturday, 2 January 2016

[Instagram Highlights] December 2015 & 2015 Best Nine on Instagram

A few hours left until 2016!! Time flies so fast, huh? To close 2015 on my blog, I would like to share my instagram highlights during December 2015. It was pretty hard deciding the top nine pictures, but I did it finally. So here you go~
  1. My boyfie went to Tegal with his friends last week and took this photo at a tourism park. I wish I could join him but well, I think my parents won't allow me since Tegal is too far away from Tangerang :(
  2. Cookies n' Cream Pancake I ordered at Ekabi. I forgot how much it costs, but the taste is pretty average. 
  3. Took a selfie with my sister when we were at an electronic store in Living World mall. We were both wearing black for that day because when in doubt, we wear black! xD
  4. MY FINAL ASSIGNMENT FOR VIDEO EDITING SUBJECT! The task is to make a movie that is ready to be marketed. I was soooo happy when I finally finished it. Forgive my laziness that I started everything H-2 before the assignment is supposed to be submitted (even though the assignment has given to me since the beginning of the semester). I did it all in rush; edit the cover, edit the movie, print the cover, etc. But I finished it at last though! ;p
  5. IKEA's signature ice-cream! It's my first time tasting IKEA's signature ice-cream since it first opened in Indonesia last year. Went here once last year too, but didn't get the chance to buy one. It tastes sooo milky, and the best part is it only costs IDR 4K! ;)
  6. Me and boyfie at Ekabi's newest cafe. I've always wanted to try this kind of pose (two people touching each other's chin, well I saw it recently on instagram) with him, but it turns out that his hands are too big and mine are too small lol. Oh well, the best thing is I spent quality time with him~
  7. Bought Gogirl!'s December issue. The cover theme is so christmassy and the articles' titles made me interested that I decided to buy it. For this month's issue, it's Bethany Mota as the cover! She looks so different there~
  8. Was in school's canteen and decided to took selfies, one of them is this photo that I include Andi in it. I like this photo sho much for two reason; 1) I look good, 2) Andi doesn't xD 
  9. Silhouette picture of me taken by my sister. It was in a furniture store in Living World mall. I thought it will be a good spot for taking OOTD photos but the fact is the backlight is too strong so I became so dark in the picture xD
That's all for my December highlights, and I wonder if you're curious about my top liked pictures in 2015? It's okay if you don't, because I'm still going to share it with you anyway. Please enjoy~

So, I posted 144 posts in 2015 with total likes of 9,415 likes and I really don't get it why my iceblend picture got so many likes and got the 1st place meanwhile my selfie with boyfie got the 9th place. I'm so disappointed lol. But I'm happy that my outfit which post titled as "Tender Hope" is included in my best nine pictures, too~ you may get yours by submitting your username on

By the way, here's my current playlist: 
  • Sugar Song to Bitter Step - UNISON SQUARE GARDEN
  • Hello,world! - BUMP OF CHICKEN 
  • Sorry - Justin Bieber
  • 星より先に見つけてあげる - Hiroko Moriguchi
  • Hello - Adele
Share with me if we have any in common~
Well, I think that's all for my last post in 2015, guys. Hope 2016 will be a good year for us :) xx


  1. "sorry" justin bieber and "hello" adele still on my playlist too :)

  2. Lovely pictures, you look so happy!
    Would you like to stay in touch and follow each other?

  3. Loved this post! And Happy New Year too! Do you want to follow each others blogs?
    -Morgs x

  4. Beautiful post! Happy New Year , have a good day

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  5. Lovely pictures~! Hope 2016 is a good year for you <33

  6. nice post and lovely photos <3
    wish you having a great year

  7. nice post!
    happy new year(:

  8. Those are some wonderful photos! I wish I was able to have adventures and travel in 2015. It would be my goal this year! Happy New Year :)

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  9. I always wanted to try bestnine app 😂😂 but i don't know what is the site.
    Thanks for sharing 😆

  10. Great post and pics :)

  11. Thanks for sharing. it seemed like a fun thing to do!

  12. Amazing photos,dear!

  13. Looks like a fun year, wish you a great 2016!



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