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[Movie] Captain America: Civil War

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
Written by: Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely
Release date: April 27, 2016 (Indonesia)
Production house: Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Studios
Rating: PG-13
Duration: 2 hours 26 min. 

Now, check out that tagline guys. "United we stand. Divided we fall." and that's what really happening in the movie. I really must admit that Captain America: Civil War is totally in the must-watch list of the year. Because all this movie brings is awesomeness! The fights, the conflicts, and even the feelings. So, I warn you, this review might contain spoilers. If you really hate spoilers, you gotta stop reading now and rush to nearby cinema and watch it yourself because you'll have no regrets! 

First of all, I wanna you guys to know that I'm actually not into the Avengers so I wouldn't talk anything about the earlier series like The Age of Ultron or others, frankly because I didn't watch any, but this 'civil war' thing really stole my attention. I never thought any idea about these guys fighting each other before, so this must be really awesome isn't it? Moreover, people give a lot of good feedbacks that really concerns me. 

As for the synopsis, this movie tells about this guy, Bucky Barnes, who get chased by the world for blowing up the United Nations' building in Wakanda, but get protected by the great Captain America a.k.a Steve Rogers. Surprising, huh? Turns out this Bucky is Steve's old friend and Steve believes him so much that he wants to take Bucky alive. While the Avengers is in their critical situation which they are 'forced' to stop being a private company and work for the government instead, Cap run away with Bucky. Of course Iron Man, a.k.a Tony Stark can't let him do such thing, either as a friend or as a part of Avengers. But to stop each other, both Tony and Steve lack of soldiers. So they recruited new guys, as you can see on the trailer already. Yup, they recruited the bugs; Spider-Man and Ant-Man! While Spider-Man is on Iron Man's side, Ant-Man is on the Cap's. 

And now, tell. Whose side are you on? If you're asking me, I'll proudly say that I'm totally on Iron Man's side. #TeamIronMan for life! So, right after watching the trailer, I decided to be on Iron Man's side, why? Well, because there's Spider-Man! He's so hilarious, probably too young to join the Avengers with his blabbery mouth, but his presence in this movie is really entertaining! To be honest, in the middle of the movie when the war happens, my loyalty to Iron Man was a little distracted (I'm so sorry, Tony!). I was like; I want the Cap to be stopped but I want him to runaway, too! But as the movie ends, I know. I know that I'm totally on Iron Man's side. For me, Cap's being too selfish. He knows that what Bucky did was really horrible, yet he still wants Bucky to be free. I be like "What the f, Cap? And you call yourself a superhero that would protect the world?" and I'm really angry to Steve now. Spoiler: the horrible thing Bucky did I meant isn't the United Nations' building. It's something more awful, believe me. 

Also, Black Panther seems to be a really important presence in the movie, too. His personality is really something to be proud of. As the king of Wakanda (after his dad's death), I don't see wandering out of his country looking for the person who 'killed' his father is right. But, well, if he doesn't then this movie wouldn't be as great as it has to be. According to other reviews, Black Panther's appearance is something new to the Avengers's movie, but this movie is enough to show his brief story, and there are people saying that he'll get his own movie on 2018. 

Last but not least, Captain America: Civil War is totally recommended to enjoy in the weekend with your loved ones. Especially if your loved ones are addicted to Marvel movies! #vrecommended #TeamIronMan. TIPS: As an unsaid rule for Marvel fans; don't leave the theater before the additional scene appears! 

Rate: 9/10


  1. watched it dear, and it was a supeeeer great movie, but for me, I didn't get the ending of this movie :/

    1. yuppp it's really great!! tapi iya sih endingnya rasanya kurang memuaskan gitu. gregetan rasanya xD
      well, mungkin bakal lebih jelas maksudnya di film avengers berikutnya :D


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    1. Thanks Miranda! Ofc I want to, I just left a comment on your blog :)

  3. I haven't watch the movie, but everyone said it was a super recommended movie to watch! Will probably watch this weekend.
    By the way, nice review. Thank you for sharing this! :D

    1. It's definitely is a super recommended movie!! You won't regret watching itttt<3 and your welcome, anyway!

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