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Prom Night: #AddictedToAMemory2016 | May 4th, 2016

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Hi guys!! Last night was my prom night, and it was really dope! Despite it was my last night with all of my high school friends and teachers altogether, I was really happy that I can celebrate this last event with them. So, the prom night was celebrated in Grand Ballroom of Novotel Hotel, Tangerang. And as you can see, the theme was "Addicted To A Memory." It was held from 5 pm till drop (about 9 pm). I was asked to help the prom night committee to help them as an usher because they lack of people. I started preparing my look from 1 pm and had to standby already in the ballroom at 3 pm. I'm so glad to have a new experience. I understand now that handling such a big event is hard. When things don't go as planned, some people might get angry for no reason and we have to deal it with a cool mind. I've never been an usher before and now I know that being an usher is super tiring, standing all the time and make sure the guests are taking the right places. Especially with the high heels lol (pegel!!!)

There were many kinds of performance; choirs, traditional dance, modern dance, solo singers, and a special choral group by the teachers! Also, there were bestowals for "king" and "queen" of the night, both from the students and teachers. They were selected based on how much they put effort for their appearance that night. The "queen" from the students was really beautiful, her dress was really cute! And from the teachers, the "king" was a Chinese literature teacher, Lǎoshī Santo, and the "queen" was Miss Verawati. Lǎoshī Santo doesn't teach my class, so I don't really know him, but his appearance last night sure was great! While Miss Verawati was my English teacher when I was in 10th grader. She's one of my favorite high school teacher! Too bad I didn't take any proper pictures of them. Well, actually, I didn't take any proper pictures during the prom. Most of the pictures I took are selfies and selfies and selfies lol. 

Soto Daging Jakarta - Novotel Hotel, Tangerang
The dinner were great, too! At least they were beyond my expectation. But I didn't took photos of all of the foods, I only managed to took this one above, it's Soto Daging Jakarta. The bowl was kind of cute so I felt like taking photo of it. It tastes good! There were also blackpepper beef, sweet and sour fried fish, fried noodles, etc. As for the desserts, there were many kinds of puddings (custard is provided), fruits, and mini cakes. The cakes was really delicious! So, I was taking everything to my table because I was hungry as hell (we had dinner at about 7 pm), but in the end didn't eat up everything. I'm a bad girl for this, I know right, so don't do this naughtiness of mine xD sorry chefs for not eating everything I took.

This picture above shows me and my favorite teacher! He's Mr Kautsar, he teaches multimedia lessons. To be honest, I'm not that kind of student that act super polite all the time. I prefer teachers that I can talk to like talking to a friend (but with still keeping the politeness and not stepping out boundaries), and he does. Plus, he's fat. You know, I have a thing about fat guys. I like them flabby more than skinny. At the end of my 11th grade term, there was an issue about him resigning, but fortunately he decided to consider about it again, and here he is, being my teacher until I graduate! He's really someone to be proud of. Love you, big guy!

I must say that these girls; Liva, Nabiilah, and Lorens are my high school best-friends that I spend most of my time with them. And I want you to know that we're not that kind of lovey-dovey best-friends that cries when we're about to separated or other crybaby stuff. We insult each other, but tbh, isn't it the actual meaning of being best-friends? Insulting each other without hard feelings? (Gak suka banget deh sama temen yg dikatain sedikit langsung baper. It's just like, EW.) During the last three years, we had some friendship issues, most because of differences and how we can't fully understand each other yet, but we made up then. I had great times with them, really. Love you guys! Although we won't meet everyday anymore just like we used to, I know that I can't forget all of our lovely memories! Wise sayings: For me, friendships are best when we don't take it too seriously. Because if we fall too deep, it may hurts when we break apart. I don't mean that friends are just for fun though, I see friends as important persons that really matters to me, but seeing further that not everyone think the same, I just want to avoid heartbreaks :)

Aaaaanddd... favorite man of the night goes to my dearest partner: Andi Kurniawan Narutama! I always love guys in suits (too bad still can't see my boyfie in suit directly, still never had the chance), and he was really great last night! I can say that he's my guy best-friend. I love him so much! We has similar likes and sense of humor. I really can't imagine how bad my high school might be without this cute guy!! Fyi, actually he was my elementary school friend. Then we took different middle school, and met again in a same high school. Isn't this a fate? Well, I know it is. Me without him is just a piece of dust (butiran debu maksudnya). We're planning to start working together for a same company in the near future, and please, wish us luck, okay? xD (talking about start working, I feel a bit uneasy. I think I'm still not ready for working all serious (ugh you know, I'm just too hyper). I'm scared I made a mess and others. Plus, I'm feeling like don't wanna let go of my holiday as a jobless person lol).

I hate how my face always look awkward in mirror selfies.
((marc jacobs dog case by @mistyshopp on ig))

Sorry for the selfies! I really want to post it here because it's so rare for me taking selfies wearing party outfit and makeup. I really want to say thanks to whoever lend me the makeup stuff and the senior (didn't know her name) who applied my eyeshadow, and also to Angel that I just met recently but decided this hairstyle for me (I like it so much!), and to Aureliya who helped me curl my hair (my hair is so thick that it need patience to curl it). I know I should've take photos earlier when my makeup and hairdo was better, but I forgot because I had to standby on my place as an usher in the beginning of the event.

cape blazer - @nimbstore on ig // jumpsuit culotte - @galoreclothes on ig // heels - local store
And finally, a look to share with you guys: my prom night outfit. It wasn't special though. The dresscode was dress and suit, and I don't have any nice dress to wear. I thought I gotta buy a new one, but I'm afraid if I buy it in a hurry like this it won't be good. I didn't put too much effort in my prom look. I bought the jumpsuit before the chinese new year, and the cape blazer last week. But I kinda like this look tho. I wanted to wear black so much, 'cause I think wearing black to the prom must be cool xD

boys: agung//jonathan//andi//derby//cansadiking//frans
girls: aureliya//sarah//me
Last but not least: it's the yearbook staff family photo!! I'm so happy that we finally managed to take photo of all of us because that guy on the most left, Agung, is really hard to contact that we can't take a full team photo with him. But thank God that he attended the prom so we can drag him to take photo with us lol. Working with these guys is great, although we had arguments, we can get through it. Too bad I didn't take photos with the prom night committee because my parents picked me up too early and I can't keep them waiting to just take photos with them. And yep, we still have work to do: finishing our yearbook. I hope we can make it in time so the yearbook can be distributed to all students with the last education report card (about in the middle of June). Just get ready for work, work, work, work, work, work~

This prom must be one of my memorable events in my life. The prom wasn't perfect, but the memories we made are perfect.

See you next post! xx

Selfie photos are taken using Samsung Galaxy J7.
Outfit and yearbook staff photos taken using Canon EOS 100D.


  1. You look definitely gorgeous with your dress! :)
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  5. You look nice, lovely photos:)

  6. That looks like you've had an epic prom night and your teacher seems very cool to take pictures with you! :D


  7. promnight story is always interesting to be read. You look so cute and congratulation for your graduation.
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