Saturday, 28 May 2016

[Movie] Ore Monogatari!!「俺物語!!」

Romaji: Ore Monogatari!! 
Japanese: 俺物語!! 
Genre: Teen-Romance, Romantic-Comedy
Directed by: Hayato Kawai 
Written by: Kazune Kawahara, Aruko, Akiko Nogi
Release date: October 31, 2015 (Japan)
Production house: Nikkatsu, Django Film
Duration: 1 hour 45 min.

Hi guys! So today I'm back again with another movie review. Since I watch animes, I watch live-actions too! It's so great to see your favorite 2D characters become alive! Ore Monogatari!! is one of my all-time favorite anime. I don't read the manga though. The anime series is 24 episodes long. It tells about a love story of Gouda Takeo, a high school student who is very tall and muscular, but doesn't have much luck with girls as every girl she likes ends up falling for his best friend, Sunakawa Makoto. This all changes when a petite shy girl, Yamato Rinko falls in love with him!

I like this Takeo character so much. He's really my type lol. Despite his looks (well tbh his look doesn't matter to me. he's cute and all his boldness is breathtaking), he's a really good guy. He's polite, kind, modest. He would help anyone who might need his help, do anything he's still capable of for sake of other people. But most of people in this movie just don't get it! Such dumbheads. There's a scene when Takeo helps a kid drowning in a river. But everyone (including the kid and the kid's mom) sees him as kind of monster who came from nowhere. Then Suna, his best friend came and help Takeo. Suddenly everyone get dazzled by Suna's "heroic action" and Suna get all the thanks. Suna tries to tell that it's Takeo who helps the kid, but well, as I told you before, most of people in this movie are just dumbheads. This kind of scene happens a lot in the anime. It's pathetic, isn't it? When people only sees you by the looks and not by your actions :(

I like the main casts. They're perfect for the movie. Although I hoped for a cuter Rinko, but Mei Nagano is cute enough to play as Rinko. I thought they will make her hair brown like in the anime too, but well, you can see that black hair. Her acts are soooo cuteeee!! He acted so well that I can't see that it's only acting. I think Ryohei Suzuki makes a perfect Takeo, too! His facial expressions really resembles Takeo in anime. Love the parts when he screams "SUKI DAAAAA" (Japanese, means: I like him/her) in mind, it's so hilarious! Last but not least, Kentarō Sakaguchi is a perfect Suna, too. I like his calmness. He acts really cool and just don't realize it. As for the character, I like how Suna loves his best friend sincerely! Both of Takeo and Suna are good guys. Really good that I'm afraid there's no guy in the world might be as good as them lol.

The best part of the movie (in my opinion, ofc) is when Takeo and Rinko goes to a 'date' because Rinko asked Takeo to accompany her looking for a birthday gift for Suna. They went to a shopping center. They make a really cute couple together (they weren't couple yet on that date, tho)!! They also went to a Purikura and took photos together, the photos turned out really cuteeeeee!! This is one of my thousands reason of wanting to go to Japan: Purikura!! xD

Overall, I'm satisfied with this live-action movie. Actually, I expected this movie to be full of stories about Takeo and Rinko being couple, but no. The movie ends when they become couple. Great. But that doesn't really matter because this live-action is very, very good. A good live-action movie really matters to me as a person who watches anime. It sucks when a live-action movie of our favorite anime series doesn't turn out good. But this, is worth watching over and over again :)

Rate: 8/10


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  4. That sounds like a good movie, though I'm not really into anime or Japanese movies, but the plots (despite the blunt dumbness) sounds funny + cute which made me a little curious and want to watch the movie, lol.

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  5. Really loved reading the original mangas!

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  10. I also love J Dramas. I would want to check this out soon.


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