Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Planning Your Perfect Night In

As grown-ups, we have our own business and sometimes all we need is time. Time to relax, time for yourself doing everything you like to boost your mood up. For me, my quality time requires bunch of my favorite snacks, comfy attire, cozy spot, warm fluffy blanket, and a laptop full of my favorite movies. But sometimes I ran out of movies, so I'll simply went to Netflix. Now, how to manage a pleasurable quality time? Well, let me help you prepare it! Check these points out:

Nom Nom!
You don't wanna have your quality time without anything to chew, do you? Make sure you have everything you want. Either it's potato chips, chocolate balls, candies, or even your favorite bottled/canned drinks. But don't forget to set limits! Because it's quality time not quantity time ;)

Comfy Attire
This is also an important point. You'll always feel better if you're wearing comfortable clothes. This can be your favorite tee or sweater, or maybe your boyfie's oversized hoodie. You can also choose it based on your favorite pattern or material. Anything's okay, as long as you feel comfortable!

Cozy Spot
It can be your bedroom, living room, or family room, but mostly we pick bedroom because it's more private and we always feel comfortable in our own bedrooms, right? You may set up the best placements for your pillows, dolls, and everything, and put the snacks the way you like it~ (if necessary, for the mood, you can also decorate your room first, like putting tiny lamps, hang a dreamcatcher, attach your favorite photos with friends on the wall, etc).

Warm Blanket
Choose one that you like the most! Just like choosing the attire, you can also pick a blanket based on the pattern or material. Flufy material will also be a good choice! I personally recommend the mermaid blanket! It's getting popular now and it's soooo cute!! Remember, cute things can also boost mood up! :D 

The Movies
Prepare the movies you're going to watch in your laptop or other devices you have. It's better if your download it first instead of go streaming because it's very annoying if the movie stops most of the time because of the bad connection!

When Movie is No Good
Sometimes the movie turned out no good and you lost your mood. But don't be! You can always find other alternative. You can go check tumblr or instagram for inspiration, or simply play your favorite game, or just relax while listening to your favorite music. 

If all of the points above are checked, you're ready to enjoy the most pleasurable quality time for yourself! But always keep aware of time so you won't go too far away to your own kingdom of pleasureness :)) well I think that's all for now. See you next post! xx

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  1. very nice tips, i also like to have time for myself to relax,
    find a cozy place and watching some movies or series with some snack too :)


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