Wednesday, 30 November 2016

[Circle Lens] Geo EyesCream Rayray Gray | KAWAI GANKYU

Hi guys! I'm back again with a review of my new circle lens I bought from Kawai Gankyu. Kawai Gankyu is an online store that sells many kinds of Korean circle lenses and other eye care products. It also available on instagram (@kawaigankyu). They provide various brands, sizes, and colors of circle lenses. So, my glasses are getting loose and it doesn't fit me perfectly anymore (it often falls down when I nod or bow). Since I'm too lazy to go buy a new glasses (and getting through a lot of considerations when choosing the best), I prefer buying new circle lenses 😏

It was pretty hard to decide which one to buy when I was browsing over Kawai Gankyu's webstore, but then my choice went to Geo EyesCream Rayray Gray. If you ask me why, well, it was simply because I like gray lenses and Geo EyesCream seems like a nice series of circle lenses. But the main reason is because it was on sale lol (bought it for IDR 90,000, the original price was IDR 135,000). My lenses arrived about two days after I ordered and confirmed payment on the website. The package was a white cardboard box with the smaller box inside (the yellow one, look at pic on top). Inside the yellow box, there are two bottles of my circle lenses, bubble wrapped, and a lenscase. 

Geo EyesCream Rayray Gray
diameter: 14.5mm
water content: 42%
life span: 1 year
base curve: 8.7mm

Now here comes the review! 🙋
I like the simple pattern that gives a natural look on your eyes when you wear it. It's also not too big nor too small, which makes me can easily put it on my eyes (big lenses sometimes take me much more time that small ones that I'm not 'that pro' on wearing lenses). Also, it's pretty comfortable wearing this lenses most of times. And for me, it dries my eyes too often that I have to put on solution on my eyes frequently. But it's still okay! There's a lot to like about this lens. Plus, I like how Kawai Gankyu pack their products and the brand design as well. So cute!

Here's a photo of me wearing the lenses indoor:

Enlargement: 3/5 
Comfort: 4/5 

Yes, if I don't find any other interesting circle lens to try~

Thank you for reading, and see you next post xx

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