Monday, 19 December 2016

An Early Christmas Lunch 🎅

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So, my friends and I had a lunch together at O! Fish last Saturday. We've been planning this lunch for a long time because we always wanted a moment when all of us can enjoy a day happily without thinking of any of our college assignments! I was so happy that our plan turns out to be a very special event to us instead left undone (like most of plans I made in my life lol). And actually our plan was just a simple lunch instead of an "early christmas lunch," but whatever it is, our event was filled with a lot of fun!

O! Fish is a restaurant that serves fish as their special menu, and it's located at Gading Serpong, about 2 km away from our college. There are a few kinds of fishes like Dory, Cobia, Salmon, and even Calamari (squid). You can have them either fried or pan seared, and pick your favorite sauce and side dish. I ordered Pan Seared Dory with Cream Sauce and Fries and Green Salad, and had a regular ice tea for drink. It was really good, much better than my expectation about their food. The fish was boneless and really soft. I also had taste of their mashed potato, and it was really yummy! It was really worth the price. I won't mind to have another lunch at O! Fish again! Oh, and fyi, this place is owned by Dion Wiyoko, a famous Indonesian actor. And luckily, he was at his restaurant on that day! So me and my friends didn't miss the chance and took photos with him. He was so tall! I googled him the day after and Wikipedia says that he is 1,8 meters tall..😐

My friends and I consists of 9 people. We were at the restaurant for about 4 hours, and we spent most of our time to take photos! Sounds stupid, yes, but that's just what we actually are. It's not only us who stayed to take photos, anyway. Most people do that too! It's the place that has a good atmosphere and photogenic spots that make us felt like don't wanna leave. Oh, we also did a surprise for our friend, Alis, who had her birthday a week before. It was only a slice of cake because we didn't have much money to afford a big one, but at least we did it with a sincere heart, right? Alis seems so happy about it, anyway! And now, prepare yourself for loads of photos of us!~

top - Uptown Girl // jeans - Bodyjeans // shoes - my sister's // bag - @nonataliashop on ig (can be seen on a previous photo)
These friends of mine are all my classmates during my first year of college. We almost finish our first semester and going to spend the following 6 months (second semester) together before finally get separated on the third semester (but we will try out best to have same classes together!). For me, keeping relationship close with people who you don't meet everyday isn't easy, but I wish I will keep contact with them even until we graduate!

"No friendship is an accident."

Photos are mostly taken using Galaxy Samsung J7, edited on VSCO. 

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