Tuesday, 20 December 2016

My Dream Crate: Stitch! | LOOT CRATE

Ever want to put together your own subscription box? Well, Loot Crate, the subscription box company for geeks and gamers, is looking to find out what fans would do if given the chance to create the crate of their dreams. You may put anything you like in your dream crate, because it's a 'dream' crate after all! And it just so happens that I got the chance to make my own dream crate of my own design!

I'm not really into online games, but I don't mind to admit that I'm sort of a geek! Although there are so many ideas came into my head about what should I put in my dream crate (including putting various merchandises that are related to some of my favorite anime series), I finally decided to choose my favorite Disney character EVER, Stitch, to be my dream crate main theme 💙 

Disney Lilo & Stitch Big Face 3D Ears Hand Bag // Funko Pop Disney: Lilo & Stitch - Stitch Seated Action Figure //
  Disney Lilo & Stitch Scrump Plush // Pink Stitch Angel Onesie // Stitch Blue Pajamas Shoes // Disney Lilo and Stitch Four Boxes Juniors T-shirt
It wasn't easy to decide what I want to put in my dream crate because I wanted to put everything lol. I picked the hand bag because it's SUPER CUTE, and I won't mind to use that bag anywhere and anytime. And I've always adored Funko Pop figures, and would be so happy if I own one in Stitch version! The Scrump doll just came in my mind suddenly, since I don't have any Scrump doll in my collection because I was too busy collecting Stitch dolls. Then, why did I pick the pink onesie instead of the blue one? Well it's because I already own the blue one lol and I want the pink one too, as it would represents Stitch's lover, Angel! Despite having the blue onesie, I don't have the shoes that matches yet, so I put the shoes into my dream crate too. Last but not least, a Stitch t-shirt! To be honest, I don't have any clothes that's related to Stitch (because it's hard to find a good one with reasonable price) so I think it's okay to add it into my dream crate.

I'm sorry if it's too much but it's my dream! My dreams always contains mostly impossible things that might never come to me lol. So, how about you guys? What would you put in your dream crate? Is it full of your favorite characters, or various merchandises of your favorite book? You can always get ideas from Loot Crate's different monthly subscriptionsGo design your own dream crate and let me know! See you next post xx


  1. So cute:)
    Merry Christmas:*


  2. Good to know about that subscription boxes, those pajamas shoes are the cuttest :D


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  4. Those are sooo cute! Merry Christmas!

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    Thank you!

    Stylish Bee


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