Thursday, 29 October 2015

[Instagram Highlights] September & October 2015

Hi guys! How's your day? 
I totally forgot to post my instagram highlights for September. Lately, I got really (really, really, really) busy. A lot of school assignments, homeworks, group projects, exams, etc. So, for now, please enjoy my instagram highlights for both September and October!
  1. A selfie with my friend, Andi! He's one of my close friends since we have a lot of mutual likes. He's my best partner to play the trending game LINE Let's Get Rich xD
  2. Celebrated my 17th birthday on September 21! I had lunch with my boyfie and had dinner with my family on that day. I'm so blessed :D
  3. Had udon last Sunday at Marugame Udon. (In my opinion,) Marugame has the best udon in Indonesia! I had one of the new menus: Kitsune Udon (still prefer Niku Udon, though). 
  4. Got my first nendoroid in my life! I never had a nendoroid before, since it's an expensive toy. I think it's such a waste to spend money on this kind of money (but I like it so much when I have so little money lol). I got this from my best friend as a birthday gift. 
  5. Ekabi Snow Popcorn is one of Ekabi's best menus! It's a cup of corn-flavored ice-cream with some popcorn on it. So yummy! Costs IDR 38k. 
  6. Met my junior high school best friend accidentally on the way home. I was so excited to meet her again! We talked a lot on the side of the road (where we met), probably about 45 minutes until we finally decided to say bye xD 
  7. Applied on Lifull Produk and got two packs of Rebo sunflower seeds. So lucky!
  8. Went to the brand new popular cafe near my school, Kafe Rute 15. I went there with my best friend (who gave me the nendoroid). The place is getting popular more and more each day since their soft opening because the prices are pretty cheap. I'll review about this place soon! 
  9. Childhood snack brought to a whole new level. Lekker is a kind of snack that looks like martabak but in smaller and thinner size. And when martabak is soft and tender, lekker is crispy and crunchy. It's usually found from street hawker, but now I found it from a black cart with a lot of flavor choices. Check out their instagram to know more: @lekkerstory (yes, they got instagram too!). 
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  1. happpyyy belated birthdayy! :D
    that snooooww popcornnn ice creammmmmmm loooookkk soooo yummmmyyyy!
    how are you? (: follow me on my blog

    everything magical

    1. Thank you, Wan!
      Very yummy, it is! You really should try it ;) followed you on your blog btw<3

  2. nice as usual! great post :)

  3. happy birthday! you seems have a lot of fun!

  4. Wow, Belated Happy Birthday! I'm in love with those foods <333

    Have a nice day!


  5. Looks like you had a great September/October! All the food looks delicious!

    Check out my blog

  6. I really like your photos, this nendroid is so cute :)

  7. happy birthday gurl!!!
    I hope you'll have a great year ahead :)
    marugame udon is freaking goooooooooddddd, oh god I used to hate udon but thanks to marugame udo, it changed my life


  8. Oh sweetie my best wishes to you!
    All the pics are super cute!

  9. Happy birthday! The pictures are lovely!


  10. Great post dear!!

    I'm following you on GFC :)


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