Sunday, 29 November 2015

[Instagram Highlights] November 2015

Hi guys!! Tomorrow is the last day of November, so I'm here now to share my instagram highlights of the month. Most are foods because I find pleasure by taking photos of foods and eat them as soon as I got a good picture of them lol. Please enjoy! 

  1. Took a photo with Dandy at Mujigae! Dandy is my new friend since I started my 12th grade (it's the first time that we got in a same class). He's unpredictable, funny, childish, yet a good friend. 
  2. Dolsot Bibimbap I ordered when I went to Mujigae a few weeks ago. So far, bibimbap is my favorite korean food. Going to try Mujigae's cheese bibimbap once I got there again :D
  3. Drew Sheep Diana, a character card from LINE Let's Get Rich game. It was a pleasure to draw her since she's very cute! 
  4. Also drew Coco, my favorite character from LINE Let's Get Rich game. She's so calm and elegant. I like her blue hair so much :)
  5. Went to Marugame Udon again. Well, you can say that Marugame Udon is my family's favorite restaurant. My dad loves udon so much!
  6. Lady Pink Roll by Sushi Box. Believe me; you can't buy happiness, but you can buy sushi and it's kind of same thing!! I love sushi so much (much much much more than udon lol) that it becomes one of my favorite food, EVER. 
  7. My class was in charge of flag ceremony at school on November 2. I took part as the reader of Indonesian constitution. The person on left is Olivia and on the right is Ribka, my classmates.
  8. My one and only, beloved annoying boyfriend ever. I was just want to take a photo of him, but he actually don't wanna so I command him to make a pose and it was what he did xD
  9. Had pasta at Pizza Hut with my teacher and friend. It was too creamy, so I thought it would be better if I had chosen pizza. 
Before we enter the air of December 2015, I wanna announce that I'm going to take the Blogmas 2015 challenge! I just acknowledged about this challenge a few hours ago from some blogs that are posting their Blogmas 2015. So, for those who hasn't know, Blogmas challenge is a task for bloggers who are taking the challenge to make a post everyday starting from 1st to 25th. 

I'm not pretty sure if I can accomplish this task perfectly or not, since my school life is getting busier and my second week of December will be my exam week. Wish me luck, okay? I also want to take this chance to say thank you for my loyal readers who visit my blog even though I'm pretty inactive. Thank you so much! So I want to make my apologize by taking Blogmas challenge which indirectly force me to be active during December :) 

That's all for now, see you on December guys! xx 


  1. Lovely November recap :) It would be great to read a post from you all next month. It would be such a daunting task for me, as the colder weather makes me extra lazy~

  2. Good luck on your studies and for the bog challenge. That seems to be an interesting blog challenge. Any particular topic or just post updates?

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