Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Blogmas Day 1: Things I Love About Christmas 🎅

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Hi guys! This is my first post for the Blogmas 2015 challenge. I'm not really sure about what to post for the following 25 days, but I think my posts will be my daily activities (the easiest topic ever). But probably I'll try make something else. To be honest, I searched all over Google to find Blogmas post ideas lol, taking this challenge is not easy at all 

So, to make it short, here's my list of things I love about Christmas:

  1. The gifts! Of course, who doesn't love Christmas gifts? But actually I don't usually receive Christmas gifts because it's not common here in Indonesia and most of my friends don't celebrate Christmas. But sometimes I do seasonal exchange gifts with my close friends :D
  2. The Christmas songs being tuned everywhere. It's lovely to accidentally listen to Christmas songs on the way home when I'm on public transport or when I'm stroll around the mall with my friends. Don't you think so?
  3. Family time! During Christmas, we spend most of our time with our family, right? Leaving our busy routines to relax for a while with your loved ones must be one of the best feelings ever in the whole world. 
  4. Christmas feast. Sometimes, if my mom wants to (well, actually if she's not too lazy to), she'll prepare the family with many kinds of foods and me and my family will have a Christmas dinner together :D
  5. Christmas greetings, in any kinds. Either if it's delivered verbally or through Christmas cards, or even through tweets or comments on social medias, all of them sounds lovely to me :)
  6. Blogmas posts! Haha, this must be on my list too since I'm looking forward to read people's Blogmas posts. I'm pretty sure they're going to be great xD any of you taking the Blogmas challenge, too??
  7. Christmas tree. Also other beautiful things you may find during Christmas season. My family have a little Christmas tree that will be decorated and displayed for Christmas, every year. But we usually too lazy to put it back in the box when Christmas is over and it will keep be displayed until March or April of the next year, lol xD
  8. Christmas decorations! Not in my home, but in malls all over the country! Malls usually make incredible decorations during Christmas, every year. I'm always amazed by giant Christmas trees that displayed in some malls in Indonesia, they're sooooo magnificent!!<3
  9. Old friends meet ups. If I got the chance, I would like to have a meet up again with my junior high friends since Christmas is a perfect moment to do it. I miss them so much!! x(
  10. HOLIDAY. Which means no homeworks and I got a lot of time to lazying at home all day. 
Well, I think that's all for now. How about you guys? What are things you love about Christmas? Share with me in comment section below. Don't forget to leave your blog url so I can visit you back and check out your latest post!! See you next day xx 


  1. Lovely post~! I can't wait for holiday because I love sleeping in <33


  2. Great post! It's finally getting a little colder where I live and I feel like a frozen fishstick >_< My coworker has already started playing Christmas songs all day every day haha



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