Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Blogmas Day 2: Christmas Gift Ideas For Her 🎁

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Christmas is the time to be jolly! To share happiness, and to share gifts! I'm pretty sure most of you are preparing Christmas gifts for your loved ones, right? If you're still troubled about what kind of gift you should give them, I'm going to give some tips. But for today, I'm posting the tips for the boys that are going to prepare gifts for their mom, sister, or even girlfriend. Girls' turn is tomorrow, okay? Here you go!
  1. Fashion! Dresses, tops, skirts, shoes... Those things are important for girls to celebrate Christmas. Why? Well... Girls have their own pleasure by wearing new clothing in seasonal occasions, and it would be awesome if their clothing matches the season (e.x: red/green/gold clothes for Christmas).
  2. Jewelries. For your information, all girls in the world love sparkly things (well it actually depends to each of their personality tho, but most of girls do love sparkly things, I guarantee). 
  3. Christmas books. This must be perfect if your girl is a bookworm like me. Pick some Christmas themed novels and wrap it neatly. Put a Christmas greeting you wrote yourself, and I'm pretty sure she will be happy.
  4. Custom-made merchandises. For example; mugs, phone cases, tees, etc. Make it Christmas-themed and make sure you put some text or image that represent her so she will feel like the gift was made only for her :)
  5. A Christmas date. This one's for the boys who are preparing Christmas gift for his girlfriend. Sometimes, girls don't need expensive or exclusive things. To have a dinner and spend the Christmas Eve with you through the night is more than enough ;) 
  6. Hugs and kisses! You may give this either to your mom, sister, or girlfriend. Hug her tight and kiss them, say your Christmas greetings and start a conversation about how grateful you are to spend another Christmas season with them, or how are you going to spend Christmas with them. That would be lovely!
That's all I can list for you, I hope it helps! I made it based on most of girls' interests, but still, you need to compare it with your girl's personality. Good luck and see you next day! xx  


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