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[Movie] Moana

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Musical
Directed by: Ron Clements, Don Hall
Written by: Jared Bush, Ron Clements
Release date: November 25, 2016 (Indonesia)
Production house: Walt Disney Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures
Duration: 1 hour 47 min. 

I hope it's not too late to review this movie, my bad that I drafted this post and forgot to post it. Yup, I watched Moana a few weeks ago with my family and it was beyond my expectation. It was so good! Moana got me enchanted just like Disney's previous movies, Zootopia and Frozen (I'm so excited that they say they're going to make a sequel for Frozen!). Disney always know how to steal my heart. The animation, the story, the music! I love them all. And yes, Moana's main soundtrack, How Far I'll Go, just ranked top on my playlist now. Auli'i (the voice actress of Moana) is really a good singer and she looks just like Moana in real life! 

The movie begins a thousand years before. The island goddess Te Fiti, she created all the islands and the life that lives on them thanks to the power of her heart that forms as a green pebble. But her heart was stolen by Maui, a shapeshifting demigod, who believes if he has the heart of Te Fiti, he might gain a power of creating life to the humans. When he was about to escape, a gigantic lava monster named Te Ka attacks him, losing the pebble in the vast ocean. Without Te Fiti, all of the Pacific Islands will be left to rot away by a darkness spreading across the ocean. The heart of Te Fiti must be restored, and who else is responsible to do that except Maui? So, Moana, encouraged by her grandmother, left the island to find Maui and force him to return the heart of Te Fiti. 

Little Moana is really cute, right!? She also has the courage and kindness that make ocean choose her. And Moana, unlike other Disney princesses, don't need any prince in the movie. The movie has no romance, yet still able to touch your heart with all the love inside. But talking about Moana as a Disney princess, Moana herself kept on denying that she's not a princess, but Maui says: "If you wear a dress and has an animal sidekick, you're a princess." which somehow addressed to Moana with Heihei/Pua.

I really love Moana and Maui's love-hate relationship! At first, Maui keeps on refusing to restore the heart of Te Fiti and throw Moana to the ocean all the time. But thanks to the ocean, Moana always get back on the boat. But after Maui get back his fishhook from Tamatoa, the enormous crab that loves shiny objects, Maui finally accepted Moana's request to restore the heart of Te Fiti, and their relationship grown stronger. He taught Moana how to sail and everything. I think they suit best as brother and sister, since they fight over little things and get along easily, so cute!

And for the animal sidekicks... of course it's Pua the pig and Heihei the rooster. Pua must be the cutest pig I ever seen in Disney movie history. His big ears really make the face much cuter. I hoped he would appear more often in the movie when I first seen him in the beginning of the movie, but it turns out that Heihei that become the main sidekick lol. If Pua is the cutest pig, then Heihei... must be the stupidest rooster lol. He even don't know which one's food and which one's not! But that's what makes him special in the movie, right? Because he always bring laughter to us xD

One of best parts of the movie is the main soundtrack, of course! My favorite is How Far I'll Go (Moana) and You're Welcome (Maui). Thanks to this movie, now I know that Dwayne Johnson can sing very well! It's surprising knowing such guy can sing that good for Disney! This is the second time I adored Disney musical movie so much after Frozen. Overall, Moana is a movie that I can watch over and over again without getting bored. At first I didn't think it would be this great, so I'm so happy that it's really worth it!

Rate: 10/10


  1. Woaaa i love this movie soo much♡♡ walaupun gak ada romance nya tapi bagus banget dari segi visual, soundtrack, sama ide ceritanya. Soundtrack fav ku yang We Know The Way sih. Merinding pas denger lagu itu bagus bangeeettt

  2. I honestly didn't think it was great as well. It didn't appealed to me. Thank God for accidentally watching the behind the scene movie where I here Dwayne Johnson singing You're Welcome that awaken my cuiousity.
    It turns out to be a great Disney movie. Something not to be miss! I have a good laugh on the movie and I totally with the music soundtrack Ive had an LSS (last song syndrome) for weeks on it. :D

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